Las Vegas Mannequins has currently in stock, bendable and poseable mannequins. Please ask about our male poseable mannequins, female poseable mannequins, and kid bendable mannequins. We offer colors high gloss white and black for our poseable mannequins and jersey crème for our bendable mannequins.

What is the difference between bendable mannequins and poseable mannequins?

Bendable mannequins can be posed into any position you desire. They are usually made with a jersey material making the mannequin easily bendable. The only downfall to bendable mannequins is the lack of detail in the mannequin design. Bendable mannequins are not very realistic and usually have no facial features.

Poseable mannequins are usually fiberglass constructed and have ball-joints in the arms, making the mannequin arms poseable. Some poseable mannequins also offer ball-joints in the legs as well, making positioning your mannequin very easy to do. The advantage of poseable mannequins over bendable mannequins is the detail of the mannequins. Poseable mannequins because they are made of fiberglass can have great detail in the face, head, and body of the mannequin. When dressed most people will not see the ball-joints in the arms and legs and will never know they are poseable.

At Las Vegas Mannequins we offer all types of bendable mannequins and poseable mannequins and out inventory is constantly changing. Contact us if you are looking for a specific bendable mannequin or poseable mannequin.

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