Las Vegas Mannequins now has a NEW line of Sexy Mannequins to offer our clients.

Our Sexy Mannequin line is the original and leader in the field of sexy mannequins. Our Sexy Mannequins are designed with several key points in mind. First, big boobs do not make a mannequin sexy. Our designs have a special sassy, provocative, alluring and/or sensual attitude that each sexy mannequin projects as no other mannequin. Our Sexy Mannequins are not clothes hanger as most other mannequins are. They display your garments as they are intended to look of course, but in addition the mannequin itself is designed to attract the customer on its own merit.

Workmanship and attention to details is another priority that goes into each Sexy Mannequin. The smoothness and cleanliness of the finished mannequin is superior to many other factories.

Our Sexy Mannequins use high quality fiberglass mat instead of fiberglass cloth. By doing so the details of the finished product are much more enhanced.

Resin is pushed into the fiberglass mat so there is a better mixture of the two instead of just applying the resin on top.

Extra time is allowed for curing rather than rush the process. By rushing the process a mannequin can change shape.

Prior to painting Sexy Mannequins have primer applied 2-3 times on each mannequin, and sanding them to smooth out imperfections. Many other factories do not primer or only primer the mannequin once prior to painting.

Sexy Mannequins use replaceable hardware that is designed to be user friendly. The upper torso and arms simply slide into place. This makes assembly easy and prevents damage. Most other factories use hardware with twisting joints to connect the pieces or jam them into a slotted socket. In addition the cheaper hardware are none replaceable without a serious repair of the mannequin.

Most Sexy Mannequin fittings are chromed to prevent rusting. Many other manufacturers use zinc plated hardware that quickly rusts.

Sexy Mannequin uses great care in aligning the joints of each mannequin so the seams are clean as possible.

Each Sexy Mannequin’s original make-up is created by one of the top mannequin make-up designers in the industry. Then the factory diligently reproduces this design on each mannequin.

Every Sexy Mannequin’s artist is extremely diligent when applying the makeup to a Sexy Mannequin. Sexy Mannequin artists are lucky to do 20 per day. Many other factories do 200 mannequins a day per artist.

Each Sexy Mannequins are double heavy duty boxed and internally double wrapped to prevent damage when shipping.

Superior production processes take additional time. Using replaceable hardware and proper packaging is more expensive. However at Las Vegas Mannequins our Sexy Mannequin’s quality and designs differences are worth the additional expense.

Most retail stores have space for 2-4 mannequins. These mannequins are used to sell the inventory of the store, thus producing profits. Regardless if you sell sports wear, lingerie, swimwear, costumes or casual wear, their presentation is priceless. The difference in price between a quality Sexy Mannequin and the cheap knock offs or other clothes hanger mannequins is hardly worth the difference when you are displaying your inventory investment.

Clearly a Sexy Mannequin will be your best sales tool and the hardest working member of your sales staff.


Q: Can I buy replacement parts for my Sexy Mannequin?

A: Replacement parts are available.
Sexy Mannequin body parts on each mannequin are individually joined to each other. Therefore if a hand is ordered without the arm, the alignment of both together might not be exact as if you ordered the hand and the arm together. In addition because the paint was mixed at another time the replacement parts for Sexy Mannequins might vary slightly in color.

Q: Why is the Sexy Mannequin unstable on the stand?

A: If you are using the foot rod stand rotate the base of the stand around 90-240 degrees until you find the balance of the Sexy Mannequin and the base. If using the calf stand rod, make sure the rod is far enough up the calf to allow the feet/shoes to touch the floor. In addition, center the mannequin over the base plate.

Q: How much does each full size Sexy Mannequin weigh?

A: Each full size Sexy Mannequin weighs an average of 30-40 pounds.

Q: Can I select which pose, head and breast size on my Sexy Mannequin?

A: No. Each Sexy Mannequin is only available as shown on our website.

Q: If a Sexy Mannequin gets damaged can it be repaired?

A: Yes. Las Vegas Mannequins offers mannequin repair service. Contact us for details.

Q: What size shoes will fit the Sexy Mannequin?

A: Size seven, with a 3-6 inch heel.

Q: Do the Sexy Mannequins come with the wigs?

A: No. However wigs are available at

Q: I cannot find the base plate for the Sexy Mannequin stand.

A: The plate is between the inner and outer box. If you do not locate the plate when you open the outer box, rotate the box 180 degrees and open the other side of the outer box.

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