The Tim Tebow, Tebowing Mannequin:
First round NFL draft pick in 2010, Tim Tebow, has inspired many Broncos football fans and may be a turning point of how the game will be played in the next decade to come. Tim Tebow may not be Tom Brady or Payton Manning, but he does seem to have a drive to win the game in any way possible like his fellow quarterbacks. This drive and winning record has made Tim Tebow a football mega star and cult icon with “Tebowing” mania.

Tebowing has spread from the streets of Denver to the entire United States and even overseas. It was only a matter of time before it found its’ way into the mannequin world. Who would have thought that a man on one knee would have made such an impact?

Las Vegas Mannequins introduces the “Tebowing Mannequin”. The Tebowing Mannequin allows Tebow fans to display their football memorabilia in a fun and unique way. Our Tebowing Mannequin is easy to assemble and comes with either a foot post or calf rod to display shoes and complete any ensemble.

His measurements are: Height: 51” – Chest: 37” – Hip: 31” – Hips: 38”

Why A Tim Tebow Mannequin?
Being a winner of the Heisman Trophy as just a sophomore and the first ever to do so, Tim Tebow maybe the next generation of quarterbacks. He often runs more then he throws, but he uses his skills to win close games in the 4th quarter. He deserves credit! Every sports caster hypes him up but he himself is very humble. The real question is “why not a Tim Tebow Mannequin?”

If you are looking to purchase our Tim Tebow Tebowing Mannequin please contact us. 702-987-5830

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