agosto 26, 2019

Test proposed cleaner first in an inconspicuous area to be sure no adverse effects

happen. We can not be held responsible for cleaning issues or damage.

Do not use cleaners that contain wetting agents listed as derivative of polyethylene glycol or butyl cellosolve. Examples are Formula 409, Fantastik, Simple Green, Lysol spray, or Clear Magic.

Avoid cleaners with stain remover or abrasive cleaning agents. For stubborn stains test.

Misty Vandalism Mark Remover and be sure to wipe off immediately and completely to prevent possible damage to panel finish.

FACE OF PRODUCT – Painted, High Pressure Laminate (HPL), Low Pressure Melamine (LPM or THF), Veneer w/ clear coat, Metal faced, or Vinyl faced panels.

  • Faces can be cleaned with a soft, slightly damp (not wet) cloth and mild cleaners such as
  • Windex, Murphy Oil Soap, Pine Sol, Lemon Fresh, Lestoil, or Mr. Clean. Do not spray
  • any liquid onto panels. Apply cleaner to cloth only, clean panels and wipe with a clean dry cloth. Seal any scratches prior to cleaning.


  • Use of clean gloves to handle and install panels is a must. This will prevent oil and dirt from your hands getting on the panels. Wiping panels with a soft cloth is necessary. See manufactures recommendations for cleaning the face material.


  • Clean panels with a soft cloth or chamois. Use lukewarm water with a mild soap solution. Rinse panels well with clean water. Blot panels dry to prevent scratching the face. Do not rub dry as this will cause electrostatic charge and attract dust particles in the air. Do not use window cleaners or scouring compounds that have abrasives in them. Do not use solvent base materials.


  • The accessories are finished with plating, anodizing, powder coated or painted process.
  • Care must be taken when cleaning the accessories. The use of a soft damp cloth with a mild soap solution or window cleaner is recommended. Use of cleaners with abrasive material may cause damage to the finish. The use of metal hangers may cause the surface to mar. The use of hangers with a protective coating or plastic will minimize the marring of the accessory. No responsibility can be accepted for damage caused by wear, as the above mentioned abrasion depends on the material of the hangers in use.