febrero 20, 2020

Have a department store, small business or trade show exhibit that is moving, closing or going into bankruptcy and have mannequins that must be sold? Las Vegas Mannequins can help! Whither you have a large amount of mannequins or just a few, we will use our experience in mannequin liquidation to relieve your stress. Las Vegas Mannequins can offer a support staff to help sell your mannequins quickly and with a profit. We will work with you during the liquidation process and will even arrange shipping for quick sale items. Why hang around waiting for used mannequins to sell and then have the stress of storing them if they don’t, when you can have Las Vegas Mannequins pickup all of your liquidated mannequins with one phone call?

Las Vegas Mannequins believes in staying “Green”. If you own damaged mannequins, we can recycle them for you. We will arrange shipping from your facility to ours and repair the damage. If the mannequins are beyond repair, we will still pick them up and have them donated.

We understand the hassle of finding the right buyers and liquidations can sometimes take weeks to close. Let Las Vegas Mannequins facilitate your liquidation and relieve your stress. Contact us today and let us do the work for you. sales@lvmannequins.com 702.987.5830