Crowd Control

Crowd Control

Crowd Control

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Crowd Control 

• All-Way Retractable Queue Stand
• Tape Length : 200cm
• Total Height : 100cm
• Steel Post Finish : Black, Silver, Clear
• Plastic Weighted Base

Finish and Color: Black Post and Black Tape

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Crowd Control <div class="details_short_desc">Crowd Control </div> <div class="add_buttons_wrapper_box"> </div> <div class="details_long_desc"> <p>• All-Way Retractable Queue Stand<br />• Tape Length : 200cm<br />• Total Height : 100cm<br />• Steel Post Finish : Black, Silver, Clear<br />• Plastic Weighted Base</p> <p>Finish and Color: Black Post and Black Tape</p> </div>
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