What are your hours?

Our normal hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday 8am to 4pm PST. However, we are open weekends on peak tradeshow seasons.  We are also available after hours or on a weekend by appointment.

Do you rent mannequins for tradeshows and other events?

YES! Las Vegas Mannequins has a large variety of rental inventory that is constantly growing. Our prices are very affordable and often include shipping, warehouse handling, installation and dismantle.

Do you sell used mannequins as well as new mannequins?

ABSOLUTELY! Besides a very large inventory of new mannequins, we also sell many used mannequins. Some items are virtually new and have only been used once in the past and may not have any damage at all. Visit our showroom to see our clearance items.

Can you repair a broken mannequin?

WE CAN! We provide superior repair quality and make any mannequin as good as new. We also give a free estimate on a repair job in order to have our clients weigh the option of repair opposed to buying new. 

I have a few broken mannequins I don’t want….will you take them from me?

YES! Las Vegas Mannequins believes in "Going Green”. We provide a recycling service for broken or unwanted mannequins and will pick them up free of charge.

I am looking for a particular mannequin that is not on your website, what can I do?

CONTACT US. We have a very large inventory of items that we do not put on our website because if we did it would be information overload! All you have to do is let us know what you are looking for and we should be able to find it for you.

Do you rent or sell any other items besides mannequins?

YES. Las Vegas Mannequins also provides rolling racks, steamers, pedestals, glass cases, hangers and much more! Contact us for details.

Do you offer any services?

YES. Las Vegas Mannequins provides Steaming Services, Trimming Services, and Delivery Services. Contact us for more details.

Do you offer return policies on purchase or rental items?

YES. However depending on the terms and conditions under which it was facilitated. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully!